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지속적인 성장을 통해 이루어진 (주)고려리비죤의 큰 미래와 가치

High Speed

High Speed Balancing Korea Revision Co., Ltd. considers the world its stage.
We will strive to become the world’s top company in the field through creative innovations and new endeavors.

Cases where high-speed balancing is necessary

  • The center of the rotation has been shifted;
  • The windings of a generator have been newly installed;
  • Generator retaining ring, etc. has been largely disassembled;
  • There were vibration problems or repairs performed due to any of the following reasons :
    - Bent rotor
    - Partial change in the weight due to rotor touch
    - Breakage
    - Collapse of the thermal equilibrium
  • A turbine rotor with the blade replaced;
  • A turbine rotor with serious maintenance work performed on the blade;
  • Machining of the bearing or coupling;
  • Any other cases in which a mechanical imbalance is suspected.



  DH-8 DH-50
Rotor Weight (kg) 1,000 ~ 32,000 200 ~ 4,500
Max. Diameter (mm) 3,000 3,000
Speed (rpm) ~ 8,000 ~ 20,000
Rotor Length (mm) 9,000 9,000
Axial Distance (mm) 1,200 ~ 8,500 1,000 ~ 8,500